Dear cat lover,

more great news:
After careful planning, we are pleased to announce the long-awaited delivery times for your orders. Following the first announcement of the delivery wave, we are particularly pleased to announce the dates for the next waves –
Wave 2 and 3
– with you today.

Our roadmap: the waves at a glance

WAVE 1: It won’t be long now – the delivery date is approaching: All pre-orders from
June 2023
can rejoice, because the delivery of your KittyFlap is scheduled for the
calendar weeks 11 and 12
has been set. This means you can expect your KittyFlap to arrive between March 11 and 24, 2024.

WAVE 2: The anticipation is growing, as the delivery dates for Wave 2 are also imminent. For all those who want their KittyFlap in
July, August and September 2023
have ordered: Your delivery is scheduled for
calendar weeks 14 and 15
planned. So you can expect your KittyFlap to arrive between April 1 and April 14, 2024.

WAVE 3: The excitement for Wave 3 is growing and we are excited to share positive news here too! For orders from the months
October, November and December 2023
we have scheduled delivery in the
calendar weeks 16 and 17
scheduled. So mark the period from April 15 to 28, 2024 in your calendars.

–> Important information for orders from January 2024: For all orders placed in January and February, the previously announced delivery dates remain valid. <–

–> However, we are optimistic that we will be able to ramp up production faster than expected. This means that earlier delivery is entirely possible. We will keep you informed of any progress and endeavor to ship your KittyFlap as soon as possible. <–

Further progress and announcements

Your ideas are in demand: platform for function & accessory requests
Your dream platform starts next week! There you can tell us your ideas for accessories, app functions or general improvements. Your feedback is very important to us! Become a part of the KittyFlap and be actively involved in its development!

Ready for you: Our customer support for the KittyFlap launch
We are expanding our customer support in order to be optimally prepared for the launch of the KittyFlap. In view of the expected high volume of queries, ideas and suggestions, we are setting up a specialized customer service team. Our aim is to process and answer all your concerns – from installation questions to operation and product information – in the best possible way.

A heartfelt thank you

A big thank you to all those who pre-ordered and to the entire KittyFlap team for their tireless efforts.

Special thanks go to our experts in hardware engineering and PCB production: Kai, Valentin, Thorsten, Simon, Werner, Martin, Daniel and Philipp, as well as the team for injection molding and assembly: Jessica, Marc, Frank and Helmut.

We would also like to highlight the commitment of Carrie, Nikki and Lily in our logistics, the marketing team with Ariane, Jan, Maron and Lukas, as well as Martin, Stephan, Matthias and Alex in CE certification. Our software team, consisting of Oliver, Mariana, Mauricio, Alexander, Eyder, Daniel, Marcelo and Erika, also deserves a big round of applause. KittyFlap would not be what it is today without all of you. Thank you very much!

–> Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to hold your KittyFlap in your hands soon! <–

See you soon and best regards
Brigitte & Jean-Paul