Dear cat lover,

We are keeping our promise to inform you every week about the next milestones and progress in rebuilding the production chain. Our aim is to keep you up to date at all times – right up until the moment you hold your KittyFlap in your hands.

Current status and outlook

Update on the new production hall: We are ready to go!
Great news! Our supplier has signed the rental agreement for the new production hall. Construction of the production line has already begun and the first new injection molding machines will be installed next Monday. More machines are on their way so that we will soon be fully operational.

Electronic components: On track despite peak season
The electronic components have been ordered. Even though the pre-Christmas period and the turn of the year are usually hectic, we are confident that everything will be delivered on time in the new year. We are working on getting all the components in time.

Injection molds: Ready for production
We are pleased to inform you that the preparation of our injection molds has been completed. All molds are now available for production and are just waiting to start work.

Shipping materials: preparations underway
The post-production of shipping packaging, labels, drilling templates and instructions has started. We make sure that all these elements arrive at our supplier in good time to ensure smooth shipping.

Next steps: Quality and accuracy

Our KittyFlap quality assurance robot.
Our KittyFlap quality assurance robot.

Replica of our quality assurance robot
Unfortunately, the fire also destroyed our quality assurance robot. But don’t worry, the replica is already being planned. This robot is an indispensable part of our process to ensure that every product meets the highest quality standards.

Trial injection molded parts
The first test injection molded parts of the KittyFlap are being planned and are expected to be realized in the next 2 weeks. These tests are essential to rule out any errors and guarantee the perfection of our products.

Strong together

We would like to thank you once again for your continued trust and patience. Your support during this time is incredibly valuable.

We will keep you up to date and look forward to it,
to bring you more good news soon.

See you soon and best regards
Brigitte & Jean-Paul