Dear cat lover,

firmly in the calendar: The
first official delivery date
in the calendar weeks 11-12 remains unchanged. Behind the scenes, we are working hard to speed up production with our service providers and to specify the upcoming delivery dates. You can rely on us to inform you immediately of any new developments.

What has happened in the background in the meantime

Quality assurance robot: Almost finished and ready to be tested next week. The robot is then ready for the first tests to ensure the functionality of your KittyFlap.

App redesign: As previously announced, we are expanding and redesigning the app to offer you an even better user experience. The latest tests and designs promise an intuitive and improved user experience.

Assembly line:
The assembly line is almost complete – we are already planning the first improvements and optimizations. The aim is to make the subsequent assembly of the KittyFlap as efficient as possible without compromising on quality.

Product optimizations:
Our team is working intensively on the further development of the KittyFlap by working specifically on component optimizations. These improvements are designed to ensure an even higher quality product when installing the parts. Some of these optimizations have already been successfully implemented to improve the quality and functionality of the KittyFlap for you.

Our quality promise to you

Despite the challenges posed by the major fire, we guarantee that only products of the highest quality leave our warehouse. Quality assurance is constantly being improved in order to meet this requirement.

Thank you for your patience

We are in the final spurt and would like to thank you again for your patience and support. It is a challenging time that we can only master together.

–> Stay tuned for further updates in the coming weeks with new information and delivery dates for your KittyFlap. <–

See you soon and best regards
Brigitte & Jean-Paul